quality policy

Quality system in LVD Biotech has the main purpose of achieving Excellencein all processes. Thus, we aim to supply products and services compliant with the optimum quality standards in order to obtain the satisfaction of our costumers. The company is committed to bring the best solutions in vascular therapy to the health sector.


Our Quality System is based on the following fundamentals known and applied by Direction and all personnel in the company in their daily works:


  • 1. Rigor, exigency, efficiency developing our jobs in order to guarantee the best quality in our services and products.

  • 2. Effort, commitment and team spirit: every single employee is a key figure in the company. Participation and cooperation of all personnel enhance our efficiency and success.

  • 3. Responsibility: we have the consciousness that we produce high risk medical devices so that we are committed to the health of our patients.

  • 4. Respect: for persons, working atmosphere and environment.

  • 5. Professional ethics: our behaviour provides us with the confidence from our customers and partners.

  • 6. Honesty: reporting any incidence or deviation by the personnel is essential to establish the proper corrective and preventive actions.

  • 7. Continuous improvement: monitoring and evaluation of indicators is our basic tool for the establishment of corrective actions and risk management.

  • 8. Acknowledgement and innovation: Our personnel’s initiative and participation, as well as the continuous training that the company provides, are the keys to optimise our products and processes.

  • 9. Communication: any information referring to the development of the different projects is reported to the personnel in order to achieve better knowledge and optimally procure the established objectives.

The quality policy of the company is supported by the ISO Certification 13485:


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