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All parts of capturer are designed with the aim to have a high suction capacity at any time and place, as well as to ensure the safety of the procedure..



The catheter’s shaft has a configuration of proximal simple lumen and distal double lumen:

  • The proximal simple lumen is reinforced with internal braided wire in order to provide pushability to the system. It is used for thrombus extraction. Extraction capacity to 1.04 mm ², from small to large thrombus formations. Capturer incorporates an optional stiffening mandrel. In case of difficulty in navigation it is recommended its use in order to reach easily the area to treat.
  • The distal double lumen is also braided and is flexible to provide trackability. It has two functions:
    • Passage lumen for the guide wire
    • Extraction lumen




The extraction hole is located at the distal end. It has a beveled shape. The catheter ends in an atramautic, rounded tip specially designed to avoid damages in the arteries.



Radiopaque markers

Capturer extractor catheter is provided with two radiopaque markers. The furthest one is located at the tip and points its indication. The second marker is located 15 mm before and it is helpful to measure the length of the lesion.


Hydrophilic coating – HYDRAX +

The distal part of the catheter is covered with a durable hydrophilic coating specifically designed by iVascular for thrombus aspiration catheters. Hydrax+ minimizes friction and enhances catheter’s trackability.

All catheter components are latex free.


Thrombus extractor of rapid exchange design (RX) indicated for the extraction of soft thrombi and emboli of recent formation with a minimum diameter of 2mm from either coronary or peripheral arterial system



Capturer stands out for:

  • Pushability: resistant flat wire mesh and optional stiffening mandrel (stylet)
  • Adapted trackability:
    • Hydrophilic coating (HYDRAX+) specifically formulated for thrombus extractors.
    • Polymeric radiopaque markers for more flexibility.


  • Aspiration capacity: large internal lumen for high extraction rates.
  • Safety: tip with special design to avoid capping by vessel wall.


33% more pushability:

tabla de datos de xperience


57% lower kinking radius:

tabla de datos de xperience


Highest aspiration capacity. From small to large thrombus formations:

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6F guiding catheter.
Guidewire 0.014”


Radiopaque markers

1 at the tip
1 to 15 mm from the tip


Extraction area

Proximal: 1.04 mm²
Distal: 0.89 mm²


Aspiration capacity (Water at 38ºC)

1.80 cc/s


Kinking radius (no stylet)

8 mm



Catheter’s working length 140 cm
Catheter shaft (diameter) 1.40 mm = 4.2 F Proximal
1.64 mm = 4.9 Distal
Rapid exchange length 17.5 cm
Entry profile 0.030“



1 iVascular capturer thrombus extraction catheter with a stiffening mandrel
2 Vacuum syringes with locking plunger
1 Extension line
1 stopcock
2 Filter baskets for clot collection
1 stiffening mandrel / stylet