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enhaced dual lumen shaft design

Excellent pushability and trackability, maximizing deflation speed.

dual lumen

Dual lumen tube with optimized design to maximize deflation speed.
Up to 76% faster.

balloon folding and refolding

balloon folding and refolding

Outstanding crossing profile thanks to the excellent 6 wings folding and 3 wings re-folding for easy extraction through the sheath.


atraumatic tapered tip for optimal crossing severe injuries.

Soft atraumatic finished tip. Embraces the guide wire avoiding any injury to the vessel wall.Reliable PTA balloon for peripheral treatments


advanced Y hub

Ergonomic design to facilitate one-hand removal.advanced y hub

Balloon Catheter with Over The Wire (OTW) design for lesion dilatation which are located in the following arteries: renal, iliac, femoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal.

Oceanus 35 is distinguished by:

  • Optimized double lumen tube, which provides it the highest deflation speed and outstanding pushability and trackability.
  • Balloon folding and re-folding with low crossing profile for easy access through the introducer and withdrawal thereof.
  • Smooth transition and atraumatic conic tip designed to cross the most challenging lesions.
  • Y-shaped hub with ergonomic design to facilitate device one-hand removal. to facilitate one-hand removal.

Dual lumen tube with optimized design to maximize deflation speed.
Up to 76% faster.

highest deflation time

deflation speed





nominal pressure

6/7 atm

rated burst pressure (rbp)

From 12 to 16 atm according to the balloon diameter

balloon crossing profile

diameter inches =mm=french
Oceanus reference

radiopaque markers

2 Platinum/Iridium markers embedded on the guiding lumen


Oceanus reference

introducer compatibility

Oceanus reference

highest deflation speed

Oceanus reference

available diameters

5mm to 12mm

available lengths

20mm to 200mm

available diameters

stent length 80 cm

architect lenghts

stent length 140 cm

architect lenghts

*Tests performed according to ISO 10555 and UNE EN 10993