the union of talent and will
The founders and partners who make up iVascular are industrial groups with a long
history and wide experience. In total they employ
2.500 people and have an international presence in 96 countries.

Each shareholder has a specific role in the company. The group provides an added value in its right development.


lvd - life vascular devices

The factory in Barcelona, heart of the project. It brings 20 years of experience in cardiovascular devices, biopolymers, coatings and local delivery of drugs, leading-edge facilities and a team of highly-qualified professionals.



This company belongs to the Canadian Demilec chemicals group, number one on the North American market with its own factories in Canada and the USA, with international distribution. It offers the real possibility of entry into the USA in the near future.


cardiva 2

A leading Spanish company in develops and manufactures a wide range of single-use surgical products and interventional medicine products distribution. It contributes knowledge of the health care business and an excellent reputation among the medical professionals in Spain and Portugal.


kern pharma

A leading Spanish pharmaceutical company belonging to the Indukern group, with extensive international experience. It has the material and human resources needed to launch iVascular onto the international market.



The leading Spanish company in the manufacture of metal components based on powder metallurgy, with more than 60 years of history behind it. Through LVD, it is responsible for the design, engineering and manufacture of advanced machinery.