Independence in the development and technological innovation
iVascular For this purpose it has built and equipped a factory with 1.690 square metres of space in the province of Barcelona. This consists of premium ISO 13485-certified facilities in which to carry on its activities.

iVascular has facilities specially designed to house a technologically independent company whose business is divided into two main areas:

  • development of cardiovascular devices and permanent implants
  • development of biopolymers for drug delivery and coatings for cardiovascular devices

The factory has precision machinery which is technologically ground-breaking at world level. The micro-extrusion, hydrophilic coating, stent laser cutting balloon and stent drug coating machines are among those designed specifically for the development and manufacture of advanced cardiovascular devices.

  • 400m² ISO 8 class clean room for manufacturing from raw materials
  • 600m² ISO 7 class clean room for assembling devices
  • 2 RDI laboratories
  • Quality laboratories
  • Ethylene oxide sterilisation system
  • Storage for materials and sterile products for hospital use